Why Men Need Separate Skincare Products

Most of the men think that products meant for their woves or girlfriends can suit them easily.

But, very few people know that there is a 180 degree difference between a men’s and women’s skin.


Men’s skin showcases some features that are pretty different from women’s. Shaving is the main reason behind this difference. And thus, they need specifically tailored products tk take care of their skin.

It would be wrong to state that just because of shaving, men need specialized face wash or moisturizer. There are loads of other parameters too that decide the fate of men’s skin.

In the following section, we are going to showcase features that make the skin profiles different.

#1 Thick Skin

Men have skin thickness 20% more than that of women. The thickness of the skin helps them to produce more collagen.

And thus, skin looks firm and tight up to a certain age.

Gradually, the collagen production starts reducing at a rapid rate. Usage of wrong skincare products is one of the most common reasons behind the collagen reduction.

#2 High Number of Sebaceous Glands

Well! Now, that is indeed a genuine problem. Men have more number of sebaceous glands and pores. That is why men have oily skin throughout the year.

So, they need dedicated products that can take care of the men’s skin.

#3 Ageing Signs are Prominent

It is true that ageing appears later among men but the signs are prominent once those fine lines appear.

Puffy eyes and baggy skin are quite common among men ageing above 40 years.

In fact, wrinkles are common problems too among men.

The problems are all different from that of women’s. And thus, dedicated chains of cosmetics are needed.

Skincare products specifically designed for men help to treat all these problems. To know more about men skincare, check out Cosmetics Arena.

So it is evident that men have their own set of skin woes. The troubles are real and they require special attention. Next time, before peeping out her products, make sure you check the labels.